“Opportunity is just success looking for a place to happen.”Greg Hickman

Financial Services

Altika provides the following Financial Services:

    • Private Placement Programs

    • Leasing of Instruments

    • Collateral Enhancement

    • Proof Of Funds

    • Credit Loan

    • Discounting

    • Offshore Investment Strategies

    • Roadmap Strategy for Project Funding

Altika facilitates investment strategies for the client/investor pertaining to small or large development projects and can also assist in placing the necessary collateral to receive the planned funding for such project developments, regardless of the territory or location. Altika is uniquely positioned to provide innovative approaches to raise funds to fuel projects for individuals/organizations/corporations to achieve their desired financial goals.

Having developed key contacts with Bankers, Traders, Funders and other alternative financial sources around the globe, Altika has access to trading and investment opportunities resulting in unparalleled returns and opportunities for our clients.

We only align ourselves with operators and traders in this industry who have a track record of performing. Those of us who have been in this industry for many years, recognize that there are only a handful of traders and operators who truly know what it entails to successfully conclude these types of transactions and who can in fact, perform.

You can rest assured, when Altika is representing your interests, at all times, we will conduct ourselves with highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Likewise, we strive to refrain from doing business with those individuals/operators who are not of like mind. We understand that this is a business of relationships and building trust is essential to success.

A portion of our profits are pledged to supporting humanitarian projects (private as well as IMF/World Bank supported projects), charitable organizations and commercial projects, in the areas of alternative energy sources and the environment.

For inquiries regarding any of our financial services, please go to the Contact Page.