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Commercial Loans & Lines Of Credit

Listed below are some of the types of loans and financing we have available for businesses located in the USA.

  • Conventional Commercial Loans* (All forms)
  • Small Balance Commercial Loans
  • Bridge Loans (Especially large balance)
  • Securities Based Financing (Loans against stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc. As well as some IRA’s/401K’s)
  • Medical* (Buildings, Re-Fi’s, Purchases, Working Capital as part of a refinance or purchase etc.)
  • Multi-Family
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Hospitality Industry (Hotel, Motel, Event Centers)
  • Office Buildings
  • Church Loans
  • Hard Money
  • Deposit Based Financing (ACH Debit)
  • Credit Card Lines of Credit
  • Blanket Residential (5 properties minimum)
  • All SBA Categories
  • Construction Loans
  • Residential (Alternative Financing i.e. Foreign Investors, High Number of Properties, Stated Income /Stated Asset)
  • Large Balance Mezzanine, Bridge Equity* ($15M and above)
  • Lending From Hedge Funds ($10M and above)
  • AR (Based on Accounts Receivables)
  • Equipment Purchasing
  • Franchise Financing
  • Farm/AG Financing
  • USDA
  • Storage Facility Financing*
  • Mobile Home Parks

For inquiries regarding commercial loans, lines of credit or other types of financing, please contact us today.